10 Must Have Plugins WordPress

When I'm installing a fresh WordPress site one of the first things I do is install my Must Have Plugins.

Top 10 Must Have Plugins

  1. Akismet: it is installed by default but you will need to set it up with a valid WordPress Api key. It will block all spammers, just great.
  2. All in One SEO Pack: some developers don't like this plugins but it's lovely. You can customize all titles, keywords and metadescriptins from post, pages, home... You can block index the categories, tags...
  3. Contact Form 7: you'll need a contact form. This is your plugin. Fast easy and functional.
  4. Dagon Design Sitemap Generator: I do belive it's really good for SEO to have a HTML sitemap. It works for users like Archives and give you internal links.
  5. Google XML Sitemaps: I talked about it before. You must have it and send it to WebMaster tools of Google.
  6. PuSHPress: if you want to post in real time this is your plugin. Just activate it and relax.
  7. SEO Smart Links: some SEO experts maybe will not agree with me but I think this plugin save you time. It creates you internal SEO links in your posts and pages.
  8. Subscribe To Comments: let your readers subscribe to comments. Must have it.
  9. W3 Total Cache: and also talked about it in the past. Best cache plugin ever.
  10. WP-DBManager: you need to backup your database. Install this plugin, set it up with daily e-mails and don't worry anymore.


And yours?

Do you have an others Must Have Plugins for WordPress?

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  • Very Interesting plugins, I have installed all plugins in my wordpress.

  • SEO smart links is not a very good idea. Of course for SEO is awesome, but particulary I don’t let robots to index my category and tag archives, and I find it ver annoying when every three or four words you have a link. I would use it for posts, but I prefer to do it manually so I have one plugin less to care about, and save memory and load time.

    • I also don’t let them index categories and tags.

      About the SEO Smart links you can set how many links you want in each post. I think I have 3 at the whole post ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Glad I signed up. This will be a great site to get help.

    Do WordPress plugins work with bbPress? I ask because I am seeing that the two can be integrated and WordPress has some great ad/advertising plugins.


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