Building a new Project, Building a Plugin

Yesterday I just wrote about How to Create a WordPress Plugin.

I though I could build a cool plugin and a light came to my brain. There is no (at least I couldn't find it) great plugin to Customize the WordPress Login page.

You can read How I did using CSS and editing some files on the theme.


The point is to help people who doesn't know CSS or PHP.

I will try to build a nice admin interface to make that changes fast and easy.

Join the Project

This is a open project. I'll be happy if you want to help and join the team 😉


  1. Oficial Page. All information will be updated there.
  2. Discussion Forum. Bug tracking, featured and more. Let's talk it there.
  3. Google Code. Subversion system to track all changed made on the files.

Post your comments or ideas, would be nice to see other points of view.

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