Catalog Prices with Extra Tax Magento

I found a problem when trying to show the Catalog Prices including and excluding tax in Magento.

I created a product with 299€ price. That price had tax included so I setted up the admin for that:

Sales -> Tax -> Calculation Settings (tab)

Then I went to the store and I saw it was not working:

The problem was I had the shipping setting by default (United States):

Sales -> Shipping Settings -> Origin (tab)

After changing the country to Spain it solved the problem.

Now it shows the Including Tax price the correct one 299€

  • Hi all, I have this problem too.

    My tax class is for Denmark with 25%.

    My product has price included tax but It show in admin, edit product: [DKK] [Inc. Tax] – tax is zero.

    I I setted up the admin for that: catalog price include tax.

    In Shipping setting, I setted up country is Denmark but it seem not working.

    Please help me!

    Thank so much!
    my skype: ngocvt2312
    my email:

    • Hi there,

      Have you tried to clean the Magento Cache?

      Which version are you using? I wrote this post using the 1.4 It might not behave exactly the same in the 1.7


  • Hi Rick,

    I cleaned the Magento Cache ( I setting disable cache and I go to var/cache and delete all it’s sub directories).

    I using Magento ver.


    • So, you’re using the Enterprise edition?

      I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful 🙁

      If you find a solution, feel free to post it!


  • Yes ofcourse, whenever I fix it, I’ll post it.

    But I’m using some Magento community but the same with it.

    I think problem is configuration but I haven’t found solution yet.

  • I have having same problem in magento 1.7 community. I have upgrade magento from to 1.7.

    Kindly help me.

  • Just an FYI, I’m on Community and setting the Shipping Origin country to my tax country worked like a charm. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Magento strikes again 🙂

  • Thanks a lot for this post, tax setup was driving me crazy with my new store. Your post allowed me to fix the misterious increase of the price in the cart…It was a real mistery given that I setup tax at 22% (yes, the very expensive VAT in Italy) but prices were increasing of about the US VAT…

    I have seen in forums people getting mad with the same issue without finding a solution. I will refer to your post 😉

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