Merry Christmas 2010

I know I don’t write many personal things here in CodeGroud. This is the kind of stuff I post on my personal blog Quicoto Blog. But this is the first Christmas since I started this code notebook in english so…

Install Ruby and Less on Windows

How to install Ruby on Rails and Less CSS on Windows. Compile the less file and create a css output file using Ruby.

Holidays 2010

Just to let you know I’ll be out without internet for a couple of weeks. You can follow us on Twitter or Suscribe our RSS Feed to stay tunned 😉 Developer’s Blog is coming back in setember! 🙂

Testing Firefox 4.0 beta 1

Screenshots and Features of the new Firefox 4.0 beta 1. Switch to tab, Tabs at Top, Firefox Button, Add-ons manager, Feedback button…

Code Faster in Dreamweaver CS4

If you do you know it’s a God damned crap. Perhaps you’re lucky and you can code using Mac with Coda or some other nice editors. I was digging into it and I could not find the usefull code clips to create fast forms and default documents. Will have to digg more I guess.

Developing starts Here

This my first post on Developer’s Blog. Erm… I want to apologize now for my english. This is gona be a nice challange for me 🙂