CDN Origin Pull – Thank Goodness

Use Amazon CloudFront as a CDN Origin Pull instead of Push.

Today I've learned something awesome. It's been a while since I discovered the CDN's, Amazon S3 and so on.

For all my blogs and sites I've set up Amazon CloudFront with Amazon S3 (Push). Wich basically means you have to upload all the files to Amazon S3 in order to serve it from CloudFront.

Using WordPress you can easily do that with W3 Total Cache Plugin. It uploads the attachments, CSS and JS files to Amazon smoohtly.

But here's the dealio: I had my main blog (Quicoto Blog) running for years. With a lot of attachments. It was almost imposible to upload all of them using the plugin.

So I used flickr to host my photos instead of my hosting since then.

Today that has changed. With the Origin Pull CloudFront you don't need to upload anything to Amazon. When a user request a page (files) CloudFront checks if it has the files. If not it will pull it from your hosting.

What does it mean?

It means I don't need to upload all the previous attachments from the past years. If a user loads an old post, CloudFront will pull the files and serve them. Neat, isn't it?

It also means I can get rid of flickr (finally) 🙂

Now I encourage you to use CloudFront with origin pull, you will hugely increase your response time 😉

Are you already using some sort of a CDN service?

  • Interesting read – when origin pull occurs, should one see the files in their cloud front or s3 container – as I don’t??? I’m really confused by this!

  • Ahhh ok, thanks Rick! How would you know about bandwidth stats this way, would it just be added to the billing I guess. Sorry If these are silly queries. I’m experimenting with cdn at the mo, signed up to rackspace cloud files but then learnt that it didn’t support origin pull, which would provide me with a logistical nightmare with hundreds of images!

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