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This my first post on Developer's Blog.

Erm... I want to apologize now for my english. This is gona be a nice challange for me 🙂

Let's get started.

  • Hey Quicoto,

    The first thing I can read AND understand! My Spanish is very bad (can’t understand a word) so for me this will be much better. Even the Google translater has problems with Spanish to Dutch 🙂

    I don’t know WordPress at all, I am a Joomla user and have already created many (business) websites with that. A few things they have in common I know so far:
    – Written in PHP
    – Needs a MySQL database server
    – Uses templates and (easy) management controls
    – Many extensions available

    Is WordPress a CMS or just a blog website???

    For as far as I know now, Joomla is more complete and for a wider public then WordPress. Joomla disadvantage still is the ACL, better said, there is almost none unless you pay for it! Don’t know how WordPress handles the ACL.

    Kind regards,


    • I’m glad you posted here. Means a lot 😉

      About the features you posted… Yes WordPress has the same you listed above: php, mysql, templates and plugins.

      It is a CMS but like I told you it focus on building blogs and comunities arround it. Using nice templates you can make your “site” look like a WebSite. Joomla will always be easier to add a menu, calendars and stuff like this 🙂

      About the ACL you almost got me with the term. Yes WordPress handle “user roles” and using a open source plugins you can improve that in a way you could never imagine. You can create any role you want to do anything you want. To let users post, read, comment what you want and how you want 😛

      Thanks for commenting Wobbles,

      bests regards.

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