Dreamweaver CS5 and Textexpander

Yesterday I was happy to code faster but I was not happy enough.

Coding with Mac and Coda I use clips (just an other way to call the text expanders).

When I type jquery it automatically replace the word with my clip:

Using Windows

Using Dreamweaver CS5 (and below) you can use Snippets.

It's not cool as it sounds.

You can set keyboard shortcuts to print that snippets.

Ctrl + M could print:

Or you can pop up the Snippets menu and double click on it to add it.

In both cases is too dirty.

Near the perfect Solution

I'm starting to use Text Manager like a textexpander.

You can use a trigger:

I can type jquery + Enter / Tab / Space

Or a Instant replace.

The problem is it will work in any application.

The Cool thing with Text Manager

You can set:

Which will put the cursor inside the " "

Faster Every Day

Now I'm adding all my daily codes (href, img, form, tables...). Hopefully I'll code faster 😉

  • Textmate is the greatest text editor I’ve ever used. The tab auto complete feature is a killer and it saves you lots of time. Personally I’ve been using TextExpander for 2 years and I’m happy with it, now it’s a must have app. I just tipe “,html” (without quotes” and it expands to a basic html structure, which is kind of cool.

    If you want to code even faster, you should take a look at Zen Coding, it really saves you a lot of time:

    At the beginning it could look like a little steep to learn but it is not, you just have to get used to it.
    Hope that helps. Glad to come back to your blog, you have nice readings here.

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