Google Drive

At this point I'm sure you heard about the new Google service called: Google Drive

The new cloud based storage service hits pretty hard. So hard that I've purchased the storage upgrade to test it out.

I'm currently uploading all my media files (around 35Gb's) to Google Drive.

What's great about it?

I love how smooth the sync is. You just turn on your computer and files appear in your Google Drive folder.

I think there's no actual file size limit so we don't have to worry there.

What's wrong with the CPU?

Doing the thirty gigabytes sync the CPU hits the 100% all the time. It just bothers me why this little program needs to use so much CPU to upload the files.

Even more, when the App is not in sync it uses about 2% or 3% !

I mean, come on Google boys 😕

UPDATE: the CPU stays arround 10-20% when it's small files. I've noticed the 100% usage when uploading video files (200-300MB)

What's missing?

I'd like to see more information during the sync. I'd like to know what percentage of the file has been upload and at what speed.

Hopefully they'll improve the application UI in future versions.

Have you tried Google Drive?

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