How to create a Moblog with WordPress

Create a mobile section in your blog. Start blogging from your mobile phone!

I just started a new section, Moblog, you can find it in the top menu (yep, that with the Android icon).

What do I need?

  • New Category.
  • Activate remote publishing.
  • The WordPress app in your phone.
  • (Optional) 2 Plugins.

Create the new Category

First of all create a new category, mine will be Moblog.

Activate Remote Publishing

Enable the option in your WordPress admin:

Go to Settings -> Writting -> Remote Publishing -> XML-RPC

WordPress in your phone

What do you have? iPhone? Android? Nokia?

This apps will allow you to publish posts from your mobile device.


If you made it this far you can start moblogging now. The problem is that those posts will show up in your blog home page and your RSS feed.

How do you post your RSS Feed to Twitter or Facebook?

You should use Google Feedburner. It allows you to post directly to Twitter when a new post shows in the feed.

So if you used the Advanced Category Excluder to hide the Moblog category from your feed I'm sure you want to post that to Twitter becuase it won't be posted from Feedburner.

Install Wp to Twitter. You can set up the plugin only to post the Moblog category 😉


You can play with your theme to create a unique Moblog expirience.

You can edit your archive.php or single.php file and add the in_category condition.

Create a new design, remove or add elements if the user is browsing the Moblog category 😉


Do you find any problems?

Are you already moblogging?

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