How to remove Start Post rel Link WordPress

I just noticed something in my other blog Quicoto Blog.

Somehow I had a weird line in the font code:

I don't know why but it was there and of course I don't want to link to that crappy post 😉

So the solution:

Add a remove_action in your functions.php (in your theme folder)

remove_action('wp_head', 'start_post_rel_link'); // Removes the start link

Do you have that line in your font code?

  • I have that line with many others. I actually remove almost everything that wp_head puts in my page. I tried to get rid of wp_head, but it’s neccesary for description and keywords tags to work properly under headspace2.

    • I was also thinking about it.

      I’ll look into it deeper soon. I would like to call the JavaScript (prototype, jquery…) at the bottom.

      Don’t know if it will work 😕


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