Inline Translation not working Magento 1.4

Why the Inline Translation is not working?

Developing a multi lenguage site I was not able to inline translate some elements. It just didn't show the "book" button wich pops the translation window.

Half Solution

Look for:


Please notice you can create the same folder structure under the local folder and this will be not affected for the future upgrades.

Replace the _otherText() function with this one:

protected function _otherText()
if ($this->getIsJson()) {
$quoteHtml = '\"';
} else {
$quoteHtml = '"';

$next = 0;
while (preg_match('#('.$this->_tokenRegex.')#',$this->_content, $m, PREG_OFFSET_CAPTURE, $next)) {

$tr = '{shown:\''.$this->_escape($m[2][0]).'\','

$spanHtml = ''.$m[2][0].'';

$this->_content = substr_replace($this->_content, $spanHtml, $m[0][1], strlen($m[0][0]));
$next = $m[0][1];


Trickty Part

Even doing this sometimes I can not translate some texts. When it happens I copy and paste the translate code:


__('Customers'); ?>

I paste the code somewhere I can translate. If you translate the "Customers" string in the footer it will affect any "Customers" translation in the site.

Nasty but it works 😉

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