Install Node.js and use hotnode

Install Node

Go and download the install package for your platform. I've done it with Mac, works like a charm.

Install hotnode

Alright then, any problems so far? Let's now take a look at this "hotnode" thing.

hotnode auto-restarts your node server every time the .js file is saved so you don't have to do it manually. It's pretty handy if you're developing.

Here's where the hotnode comes from:

Is it working?

First of all create new file called whatever.js (I like mine to be server.js)

Run the hotnode command over your server.js file:

Alright, open your server.js with your favourite editor (please don't say Dreamweaver) and paste the following code.


The hotnode has restarted your node and you're ready to test it.

Go to your browser and type localhost:8080

The code above basically listens to the :8080 port and prints 'CodeGround rocks!'


Did it work for you?

Are you interested in Node.js?

Would you like to see more tutorials about it?

Cheers 😉

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