Magento Blog Extension

Did you ever though that would be nice to have a blog in a Magento store?

The truth is you can have it.

It's very simple. Once you upload the files to your magento installation (FTP) you'll see a new tab called Blog.

It is a full featured post and comment blog. You can add links to Blog into your theme right from your admin panel.
It has many options within the comments administration (aproved comments, loguin required...).

It also has a RSS Feed if you were wondering that 😉

Concluding I'll say it's not a super-powerfull blog system but it solve the problem if you need a Blog running with a Magento install.

Now some screenshots from the admin tabs (Add Post, Posts, Comments, Categories and Settings)

Oficial Site:

Downlaod it from my mirror: AW_Blog 1.0.15


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