New design is now live!

It has taken me a couple of weeks but I've finally finished the new theme for Rick's code.

I was tired of the old theme and wanted to start one from scratch with code performance in mind. No extra CSS and no extra JS inherited from a third-party theme.

šŸ‘Øā€šŸ’» How did I build it?

I used which generates a clean WordPress theme with no styles. Just the PHP templates files.

Using Bootstrap 4 as a starting point I've made small adjustments to the variables file plus some additions of my own.

šŸ’Æ If we write CSS, let's write it well

I wanted to make sure I followed a proper code styling, so I added a stylelint configuration file which is picked up by VSCode as well as the build linting task.

šŸ”„ packages.json

The coolest thing on the project was probably setting up the frontend build.

What is happening here?

  • Lint the code based on stylelint configuration
  • Watch for SCSS files and compile them
  • Run the build task to create a minified version of the CSS

The full theme code can be found here

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