How to add the +1 Google button

Google just launched the new +1 button for developers. Add it like the Twitter or facebook buttons. Let your readers like it and show their friends they like your posts.

The Chromebook from Google

The next Google Chromebook will be released the June 15th. Faster laptops by Samsung and Acer. Secure and they’ll have everything on the web.

Google Goggles 1.4

New Google Goggles 1.4 version released. Search History, Suggest Results, Business card recognition improvements and more…

Google Web Fonts: Introducing “text=”

Google just launched a new beta feature wich allows you to request certain text to the Google Font. Adding the text parameter Google will optimize the font file acording to that letters. Can be very usefull if you’re only using this fonts for your site name. This is specially usefull in mobile devices. The font […]