Testing Firefox 4.0 beta 1

I just installed the new Firefox 4.0 beta 1 and looks nice.

They improved the CSS3 support with also CSS transitions.

Support also for the HTML5 HD video WebM.


New Tab Location

The tabs are on top but you can put them back down if you want. Persoanlly I like the new position 😉

Switch to Tab

A nice feature wich allows you to jump to an opened tab.

Firefox Button

I'm using Windows XP so I can not see the button. It only shows on Windows 7 and Vista.

New Add-Ons Manager

Super-cool Add-ons, Themes and Extension manager.


You can send feedback to Firefox using the button on the left side.

Are you going to try Firefox 4.0 beta?

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  • I’ve been using Firefox 4 for a week now and I’m quite impressed. The UI now it looks native (Mac version) and the performance is a lot better; I haven’t installed many plugins yet because of compatibility issues so I can’t tell if Firefox 4 is that great but I’m excited; maybe I will switch back to Firefox.

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