Upgrade theme pager to Magento 1.4

Working on a 1.3 version Magento theme I got a problem. After adding products to a category when I tried to list the products in the store it just give me Magento's error page.

When I opened the report I noticed a problem in my toolbar.phtml

Using the 1.3 version theme in a 1.4 installation you can not run the pager in the product list (1, 2, 3, 4...) correctly.

The solution is quite simple. We will put the new pager method in our 1.3 version theme:

1. Replace

Replace the toolbar.phtml located in:


With the one in:


2. Look for

In the catalog.xml look for the line:

Then add the line just below:

3. Replace again

Replace the pager.phtml located in


With the one in:



Now it should not give you any error and the product list should work fine.

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