WordCamp Spain 2010

On December 11 we had the WordCamp Spain in Barcelona.

If you didn't know I'm one of the organizers. We worked hard and it became a great event.

We expected about 200 people and we think we got that number or even more.

This year was special. For first time we could invite english speakers Isaac Keyet, Karim Osman (both from Automattic) and Jeffrey Pearce from WooThemes.

The night before the event we had a private dinner for speakers and organizers. We could know each other while eating spanish food 😉

Was awesome meeting them all and the rest of people (mental note: keep improving my english).

The WordCamp itself was great. Karim gave away a very cool t-shirt about WordPress and Jeffrey also brought some gifts from WooThemes.

And yes I could get stickers, discounts, badges and a super-cool t-shirt. Check out how awesome my MacBook looks now:

And that's me with the t-shirt 🙂

Where there's a Woo there's a Way

Hopefully I will have the chance to organize it again next year and maybe travel to an other WordCamp outside Spain.


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