WordPress 3.1.2

The new WordPress 3.1.2 is out. It is a security release addressed to a user vulnerability.

Detailed Summary

  • Fix a vulnerability that allowed Contributor-level users to improperly publish posts.
  • Fix user queries ordered by post count.
  • Fix multiple tag queries.
  • Prevent over-escaping of post titles when using Quick Edit for pages.

Revised Files


Should I upgrade?

You should always but it's a low priority update if you don't have any registered users in your site 😉

Remember to backup your data before updating!

  • Hi Quicoto

    I have a question that I hope that you or some of your reader know the answer to:

    If I only upload the files that are updated, and run the “wp-admin/update.php”: is that enough? Will it work?


    • That’s a very good question.

      I think there is no data base update in this release so … Yes I guess you could just update the modified files.

      May I ask why can’t you run the auto updater from your admin panel?


  • Thanks for the reply Quicoto.

    I have modified 9 WP files on my server, and it is much easier to just upload the updated files from WP. If I use the autoupdate it will overwrite all WP files.

    yeah, I know, I should not change WP files, but it was no way around 😉

  • Definitely you should need to replace all files

  • @ quicoto

    There in no way to do this via functions.php or plugins.

    So fare: upgrading just the changed files have worked 😉

    @ Hamza Younas


    This WP upgrade had only a few changed files, so the easiest for me was to just replace those files and hit update.php

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